No. 10/2018

plTABLE OF CONTENTS no. 10/2018


Editors-in-chief: Józef Porayski-Pomsta


Józef Porayski-Pomsta A Decade of “Studies in Pragmalinguistics”. Annals of the Institute of Applied Polish Studies, the Faculty of Polish Studies, the University of Warsaw
Danuta Emiluta-Rozya, Bożena Strachalska Maria Przybysz-Piwko as a Person, Linguist, Social Activist
Ewa Wolańska Maria Przybysz-Piwko as a Co-Creator of the Modern Speech Therapy at the University of Warsaw
Ewa Wolańska Bibliography of Maria Przybysz-Piwko’s Output in the Period 1975–2017
Józef Porayski-Pomsta, Danuta Emiluta-Rozya Warsaw Speech Therapy. Past and Present Times
I. Research on speech disorders in people with nervous system dysfunctions
Olga Jauer-Niworowska Participation of Subcortical Structures in Regulating Communication and Language Behaviours. Findings from Examinations of People with Parkinson’s Disease
Justyna Sochacka A Case Study of a Patient Suffering from Multiple System Atrophy (The Cerebellar Form)
Alicja Karsznia-Sobczak Speech Dysfl uency in Depression. A Case Study
Joanna Chmielewska-Walczak, Barbara Jamróz, Magdalena Milewska, Ewelina Sielska-Badurek, Ewa Osuch-Wójcikiewicz, Kazimierz Niemczyk Oropharyngeal Dysphagia Diagnostics – a Case Study
Małgorzata Rutkiewicz-Hanczewska A New Type of Primary Progressive Aphasia
Justyna Żulewska, Karolina Pożoga Speech Therapy Procedure in Global Aphasia
Paula Grzeszczuk Effectiveness of a Group Aphasia Therapy Based on Discourse Formation Principles
Marlena Kurowska Interpretation of the Results of a Test for Articulatory Kinesthesia
Renata Marciniak-Firadza A Child with Intellectual Disability, a Child with Borderline Intellectual Disability, and a Child at the Average Intellectual Level Versus Their Word Formation Competences (On an Example of Tool Names). A Comparative Study of Three Cases
Marzena Błasiak-Tytuła A Therapy of a Bilingual Child with Autism
II. Narrating, reading and writing skills – disorders and teaching strategies
Maria Kielar-Turska Children’s Narrative Competence: Understanding the Essence of Narrative and Narrating Skills
Ewa Wolańska, Joanna Zawadka, Adam Wolański: Writing and Reading Without Letters. A Phonological Picture Alphabet by Maria Przybysz-Piwko as an Aid in Developing Phonological Skills of a Child with Diffi culties in Reading and Writing
Ewa Jeżewska-Krasnodębska Coexistence of Developmental Dyslexia and Speech Disorders in Adolescents Graduating from a Primary School – Scale of the Phenomenon
Justyna Mikołajewska Hand and Eye Lateralisation and Phonological Competences of Pupils in the Second Class of Primary School
Mariola Białek I Don’t Know, I Suppose I Think That… – Metatextual Expressions in the Language of Children and Adults (Based on the Author’s Own Research) [/showhide]
Ewelina Zając On the Narrative Effi ciency of Pupils in the First to Third Class of Primary School
III. A child’s speech development – standards and disorders
Halina Zgółkowa Speech Therapy Aspects of Preschool Children’s Lexis
Ewa Binkuńska Simplifications of Word-Initial Consonant Clusters. Realisation Tendencies in a Child’s Speech Development
Katarzyna Matusiak, Karolina Sindrewicz, Natalia Siudzińska Speech Screening of Children Aged 2 to 3
Aleksandra Kmita Selected Speech Therapy Prevention Activities in Prematurely Born Children at the Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Justyna Antczak-Kujawin Diagnosis in Speech Therapy of Children Aged 3–6 with Articulation Disorders – Report on the Research
A Decade of the Institute of Applied Polish Studies – EWA KOZŁOWSKA
Professor Stanisław Dubisz – on the Fortieth Anniversary of his Academic Work at the University of Warsaw – JÓZEF PORAYSKI-POMSTA
Bibliography of the Publications by the Staff of the Institute of Applied Polish Studies (2017) – prepared by EWA KOZŁOWSKAHabilitation Theses by the staff of the Institute of Applied Polish Studies (2017) – prepared by EWA KOZŁOWSKA
Doctoral Dissertations Defended at the Institute of Applied Polish Studies (2017) – prepared by EWA KOZŁOWSKA

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