‘Studies in Pragmalinguistics’ (‘Studia Pragmalingwistyczne”) is a peer-reviewed annual journal published by the Institute of Applied Polish Studies at the Faculty of Polish Studies (University of Warsaw, Poland). Opened to researchers with different academic backgrounds and from diverse academic communities in Poland, the journal is devoted to disseminate investigation in linguistic communication of human being. ‘Studies in Pragmalinguistics” provide results in interdisciplinary research in linguistic and communication behavior. The content covers numerous topics within humanities and social sciences, including linguistics, speech language pathology, psychology, didactics of Polish (along with teaching Polish as a foreign language), publishing, rhetoric, media studies. The interdisciplinary approach is hereby understood not only as crossing borders between narrow fields of study, but also as combining a variety of techniques and research methods. The editorial board aspires to return to study verbal and nonverbal communication as a whole, to describe and explain the phenomena of communication not due to requirements and determinants of already existing and recognized specializations, tools or historically motivated diversifications between areas of interest, but as they appear.
The journal is published in Polish, although it includes abstracts and table of contents in English.
Each issue consists of five sections:

  • 1. articles and dissertations,
  • 2. reports and reviews,
  • 3. Institute of Applied Polish Studies’ chronicle,
  • 4. abstracts of PhD and habilitus thesis,
  • 5. Institute of Applied Polish Studies’ research bibliography.

The history

The history of the Journal starts with the beginning of 1990s and is related to the activity within academic conferences organized by Applied Linguistics Lab (Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland). Series’ founding book was published a result of a conference entitled „Zróżnicowanie języka dzieci i młodzieży z uwzględnieniem czynników środowiskowych, kulturowych, regionalnych i etnicznych” (Children and adolescent language diversity based on environmental, cultural, regional and ethnic factors) held in Warsaw on 21st–22nd Oct 1991: Zagadnienia komunikacji językowej dzieci i młodzieży (Problems of children and adolescents verbal communication) edited by Józef Porayski-Pomsta (Warsaw 1991). The following book Świadomość językowa – kompetencja – dydaktyka (Linguistic consciousness – competences – didactics) edited by Elżbieta Sękowska (Warsaw 1996) was a result of a conference „Z badań nad kompetencją i świadomością językową dzieci i młodzieży” (Studies of linguistic competencies and consciousness of children and adolescents) held in Warsaw on 25th–26th Oct 1994.

Between 1997–2008 ‘Studies in Pragmalinguistics’ have been published as Applied Linguistics Lab’s series (Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland). During 11 years 5 volumes have been published:
Studia Pragmalingwistyczne, Warszawa 1997 (Pragmatics, Warsaw 1997),
Tekst – wypowiedź – dyskurs, Warszawa 1998 (Text – speech – discourse, Warsaw 1998),
Czynności tworzenia i rozumienia wypowiedzi, Warszawa 2002 (Acts of creating and understanding speech, Warsaw 2000),
Komunikacja i tekst w perspektywie rozwojowej i dydaktycznej, Warszawa 2002 (Communication and text in developmental and educational perspective, Warsaw 2002),
Mowa i język w perspektywie dydaktycznej, logopedycznej i rozwojowej, Warszawa 2008 (Speech and language in teaching, speech therapy and developmental perspective, Warsaw 2008).

Publishing series has been transformed into an annual journal in 2009 (ISSN 2080-5853).


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